Watched Parineeta...Nice movie..except the ending which they messed up..the whole theatre was laughing! Songs are nice:)
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Went on a cruise when my parents were here last week! Its a great feeling to be away from the middle of nowhere ..just water water everywhere! The ship was amazing..and had lots of activities going on! There soooo much food on the ship...(need to go to the gym to burn off the calories)

But an great experience...should go for it aleast once!
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Finished my CFA Level2 exam...hope I pass. But relieved that its over finally!
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the interesting candle...

the candle on my bday cake yesterday was interesting...started like a firecracker..opened into a lotus with candles on the petals ..and then that was not all it started off into a song..
none of us expected it to turn out tht way!
Been having a great day so far!! :)
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the irony...

....grass is always greener on the other side of the true..i'm never ever going to be satisfied

when i was so damn busy with work earlier I used to crib that I had no time for myself..
...and now..
that am quite free at work..i'm getting bored and frustrated..and hoping i get busy soon with something...
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my first entry...

Being a LJ member for almost a year now due to a particular someone but finally found time to start my journal only today..coz i'm very bored at work! The waiting totally frustrating me and I needed something to keep me occupied..!
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